Do you understand your calling?

Are you living your life with hope, purpose, and meaning?

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Welcome to the Understand Your Calling Website and The Fathom Blog, devoted to exploring the depths and potential of your twenties. To fathom something is to explore it with great depth and thought. Originating from ancient nautical terms, a fathom helped sailors measure the depth of a body of water. Sailors would stretch out their arms holding a ‘sounding line’ across the length of their reach, typically about 6 feet long. They would descent the sounding line into the water, counting each fathom as they went.

Your twenties are best lived this way; considered deeply, bit by bit. This site will equip you to explore the true depths of your twenties, with bravery and vulnerability. We’ll provide you with helpful posts on life skills, personal growth, and spirituality.

With outstretched arms, let’s begin.