This is where it all began. In our work we encountered far too many twentysomethings struggling to figure out life. We looked around for research and resources to help, and couldn’t find anything that worked all that well. So we did our own research, created our own resources, and tried them out.

And they worked. Over and over again.

So we created The FathomExperience,  a 1 day, intense, interactive exploration of calling for twentysomethings offered all over the country.  In just one day, we lead you and your peers through our own Fathom process. Think of it as a juiced up, intense, communal approach to what you read in Ready or Not. You’ll listen, ponder, reflect, engage, and discuss the key questions of your twenties, and the key dimensions of your twenties.

Participants of The FathomExperience leave empowered and propelled in their sense of understanding their calling and the good life.

If you are interested in hosting The FathomExperience, email us at drewmoser[at]gmail[dot]com and we’ll set up a time to talk more.